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The Death Trapper Chronicles, also shortened as the DTC, is a Super Mario 64 Machinima-themed literature series created by Schm2000 that debuted in 2019. It is based on various SM64 Machinima series, along with several other unique story lines and crossover elements from various other franchises.


Origins Arc[]

Serving as a prequel to the Death Trapper Arc, the Origins Arc consists primarily of adaptations of various Super Mario 64 Machinima created by other machinimists such as MarioGame2222, MarioMario54321 and Jediwarriormike.

  • Volume 0: Legacy of the Outsiders
  • Volume 1: Dark Times
  • Volume 2: Cold War

Death Trapper Arc[]

The Death Trapper Arc is the original arc of The Death Trapper Chronicles, and serves primarily as a loose adaption and remake of Schm2000’s previous machinima series the YouTube trilogy (with Volume 2 being an adaption of The Crystal Star by MarioSuperSoda). It centers around the invasion of the Death Trappers; a genocidal terrorist organization that leads an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom and its dimensional cycle, with the survivors being forced to fight a costly war against them and several other enemies.

  • Volume 1: Clawde War
  • Volume 2: The Isolated Islands
  • Volume 3: Dark Times Again
  • Volume 4: Rise of Emiga
  • Volume 5: Mars Alert
  • Volume 6: Crystal Reflections
  • Volume 7: Civil War
  • Volume 8: Power Star and Planet Stardust
  • Volume 9: Will of the Ruler
  • Volume 10: Xario and Yuigi
  • Volume 11: Hidden Survivors
  • Volume 12: Fall of Hope
  • Volume 13: Battle of the Four Armies
  • Volume 14: Facing the Truth’s End

Pure Judgement Arc[]

Taking place after the Death Trapper invasion, the Pure Judgement Arc explores life in the Toadley Alliance, the government created following the Mushroom Kingdom’s fall, as well as the actions of the extremist group known as Pure Judgement.

  • Volume 1: The First Saber Tournament
  • Volume 2: Life of the Toadley Alliance
  • Volume 3: Valentine’s Day Incarceration
  • Volume 4: Hall of Justice
  • Volume 5: The Elemental Demons
  • Volume 6: Preparations

Crausic Empire Arc[]

Based on Jediwarriormike’s series Mike & Revio Adventures and taking influence from Dragon Ball and Star Wars, the Crausic Empire Arc centers around the backstory of MRA antagonist Namus as well as a battle between the HammerKain Resistance and the brutal Crausic Empire.

  • Volume 1: Birth of Namus
  • Volume 2: Vervain’s Chosen 
  • Volume 3: Search for the Stone Mask
  • Volume 4: Return of the Ginyu Force
  • Volume 5: Acarandia
  • Volume 6: Shaky Alliances
  • Volume 7: Conquerers