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Team Toad is a Super Mario 64 Machinimist group and community. It was founded by Puddin104 in 2015. The group is known for posting skits, "blips" and mod / texture release videos on YouTube, as well as silly and fun Twitter posts.


Originally, the goal of Team Toad was to counterbalance the random attitude and humor that came into the Super Mario 64 Machinima Community as a result of SMG4's videos, but now is primarily a social group of SM64 Machinimists who seek to inspire people to make plot driven machinimas.

Currently, Team Toad is a social group of SM64 Machinimists and seeks to provide users with tips, resources, and much more to make the Machinima making process a bit easier. Team Toad has made several videos on YouTube, including skits, mod releases, "blips", and the series SUBPAR MARIO 64.

Known locations (2015 - Present)[]


  • Their channel name used to be "Team Toad Hub," but it was changed to the current name in September of 2018.