SM64 Machinima Wiki

A scene from OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X, a 2011 SM64 Machinima by MarioMario54321.

Super Mario 64 Machinima (abbreviated as SM64 Machinima) is a specific sub-genre of machinima, which are stories or videos created out of a video game engine. As its name implies, it is usually filmed in Super Mario 64, a 1996 Nintendo 64 video game often used with the Project64 emulator.


Super Mario 64 Machinima can be traced back to 2006, with the earliest known ones having been created by ShadowMario64. The most popular version of Super Mario 64 Machinimas are Super Mario 64 Bloopers, first created by Megaman765 and carried on by several other YouTubers since. As of the present, the most popular SM64 Machinima is the web series SMG4, created by its namesake, SuperMarioGlitchy4.


Due to being one of the oldest trends on YouTube, the style of Super Mario 64 Machinima varies depending on its creator. Super Mario 64 Bloopers are usually centered around comedy, with Bloopers ranging from being focused on memes, slice of life adventures, child friendly jokes or adult themed humor. Other machinimas tend to lean towards a more serious narrative. Notably, some SM64 Machinima also rely on non-Mario 64 resources; such as sprite animation, ROM hacks, Garry's ModSuper Smash Bros. and Source Filmmaker.


  • Some YouTubers, such as Megaman765 and ShadowMario64, stated that SM64 Machinima and SM64 Bloopers were separate things, usually to differentiate between serious and comedic work. This statement is incorrect, due to the definition of machinima being animated films created with video game software or similar engines.