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Storm Dasher, formerly known as Shane Dasher, is the represented character of Yung Hedgie. He is a black hedgehog with cryokinetic powers, and the leader of the Dasher Bros. clan.

Role in Super Mario 64 Machinima[]

Super Mario 64: Rise of the Dark Brotherhood(2015)[]

Storm's original appearance.

Originally known as Shane, Storm was a recolored Mario with black clothes, dark gray skin, blue overalls, and blue shoes. In the series, he would help the main cast fight against the Dark Brotherhood. Most of the times where he is seen, he would be fighting his brother Flame, (called Richard in the series) who was looking for a star to give to Dar.

SMG69 Series[]

Storm alongside STH500.

In the first SMG69 video, Storm made his debut as a hedgehog. In the video, he is seen fighting alongside STH500 against SMG69. After SMG69 makes a racist remark, Storm engages in battle, before quickly being dispatched by the SMG4 clone.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: L[]

Storm and Flame in Bloopers: L.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: L was the last video where both Storm and Flame would be called their original names. After SMG4 and Mario being told to collect all 125 power stars by Lance and Adam, DaQuan would then summon a group of random characters to help obtain the stars. Among the group were Storm and Flame. After failing to collect all the stars, a battle breaks out between the group and the two Saiyans. After the Saiyans are beaten, they fuse together into Ladam, before beaming all of Blooper Land out of existence, including the two Dashers. They were later brought back to life after the defeat of Ladam.