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SUBPAR MARIO 64, commonly referred to as just "Subpar", is a comedic Super Mario 64 Machinima series created by Puddin104 and airing on Team Toad. The first episode, Day of the Lease, sits at a little under 3,000 views on YouTube as of September 2021.


The beginning of a new era for a duo living in Flora County, a segment of the grand Mushroom Kingdom, goes awry as mischief with their landlord, friends, fridges, and unnatural forces taints their everyday life.

Welcome to SUBPAR MARIO 64, a Super Mario 64 Machinima series taking heavy inspiration from the likes of MJacobBarker, MATTHEWGU4, and many other creators! Not only that, it is also based upon the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series of games, featuring characters, plot-lines, and dialogue you wouldn't find in a typical Mario game...or Machinima series, in this case.


Prologue: Day of the Lease[]

The first episode, Day of the Lease, begins with static white text on a black background proclaiming "It has been years since the events of Super Mario World." Several Toads are shown in the main hall of Peach's Castle. The Princess herself is inside a conference room with a blue Toad (literally named Blue) and an older red Toad. As the three discuss the current status of Bowser, the Princess proclaims now is a perfect time to host a party with several portions of the Mushroom Kingdom to celebrate. Despite several warnings from Blue and the Secretary, Peach begins the first phase of her plan, that being distributing invitations all across the Mushroom Kingdom. Blue Toad is told to head to Toad Town as well as the less pleasant Flora County with Tot, a Toad with a shorter stature and differently designed mushroom top. Peach asks the Toads to get to work and exits the room as Blue explains the situation to Yellow Toad and Toadette.

An orange background fades into view as a narrator begins talking. The narrator says they will be telling everyone "one...swell tale." as a shot of Princess Peach's Castle at night shows an empty interior, minus Tot who is still asleep in a corner of the room. A Whittle wearing a hat and scarf falls from the ceiling into the main hall of Peach's Castle before the narrator realizes they are way too far ahead in the story. The next scene takes place at The House, an isolated home in the aforementioned Flora County. Puddin is shown browsing the interior of The House as Boli, the landlord, and his assistant, Pete, wait outside. Puddin walks into a room with a painting of him and his housemate, Swan, hung up on the wall, much to his confusion.

Swan then arrives at The House.


Main Episodes[]

"Housewarming Arc"[]

  • Prologue: “Day of the Lease”
  • "The New Place"
  • "Epicenter Redux"
  • "As Seen on TV!"
  • Chapter 1: "The Break-In" (Part 1)
  • Chapter 1: "The Break-In" (Part 2)
  • Chapter 2: "Attack from Within and Without"

"Blue's Sleepover Arc"[]

  • Chapter 3: "Hidden Citizens"
  • Chapter 4: "Happy Daze"
  • "Castle of Despair"
  • "May 2nd"
  • "The Captain and the Crescent Waxer"
  • Chapter 5: "Dust to Dust"

"The Flora Kingdom Arc"[]

  • Chapter 6: "Little Lost Star"
  • Chapter 7: "Pepperdust"
  • "Leline's Day Out"
  • Epilogue: "A Kingdom to Win"

Extra Content[]



  • Subpar has been in production since 2015, but the oldest characters were made in 2013.
  • Pete was originally going to be a purple recolor named Professor Pete before the Shy Guy mod was made.
  • Originally, a Toad named Paco was going to be in The New Place, but he has since been replaced by a Beanish character. Paco has not been heard from or seen ever since. Anyone who knew him now denies they ever did.

He no longer exists