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This article is about the web series. For the creator of the program, see SuperMarioGlitchy4, otherwise known as SMG4. For Super Mario 64 Bloopers in general, see here.

”If I could describe SMG4, it's if you got Mario and dropped him into a barrel of acid, then he comes crawling out as this demented monster, constantly humping spaghetti. It's really uh... a magical channel, I guess you could put it.”
― SuperMarioGlitchy4

SMG4, formerly known as Super Mario 64 Bloopers, is an Australian adult-themed comedy web series and Super Mario 64 Machinima created by its namesake, SuperMarioGlitchy4. A parody of the 1996 Nintendo video game Super Mario 64, SMG4 is a machinima series that was filmed in the original Nintendo 64 game, but as of late is mostly filmed with other engines such as Garry's Mod. The series is known for its adult and slapstick humor, which makes it not suitable for younger audiences. The first episode, the cake is a lie, premeired on May 7th, 2011.