SM64 Machinima Wiki

While we here at the SM64 Machinima Community Wiki hope for all users to have a good time, this requires certain rules to be followed. Please read these rules and make sure to abide by them to make this community pleasant for whatever parties are present.

Violation of any of these rules can result in a potential ban, depending on the severity.

Article Rules

Rule 1: Do not vandalize pages or create hateful ones. It doesn't matter whether you dislike a character, series or YouTuber; we do NOT tolerate that kind of pettiness. Likewise, do not add any personal / real life information on YouTubers unless they have publicly disclosed it. The person the article is about is also allowed to make requests for what information is added on or removed.

Rule 2:  Please do not add irrelevant material to the wiki, such as things which has no ties to either Super Mario 64 Machinima or any YouTubers in the community. This wiki is about SM64 Machinima, members of the SM64 Machinima Community and any related projects produced by community members such as web series, stories, web comics or ROM hacks.

Rule 3: When writing a new page, try to follow a similar format to other pages on this wiki, such as these articles, so they will be properly structured. A template for YouTuber pages specifically can be found here. Staff are willing to help edit pages to help them stick to the format. Additionally, when making pages for specific YouTubers, try to keep basic information about them to a minimum as to not overload pages with unnecessary filler.

Rule 4: Please do not add irrelevant or redundant categories to pages. This includes "Hero" or "Villain" categories, as a character can easily swing in-between the two depending on the machinima.

Rule 5: No sexually explicit content is allowed unless it is relevant to the article in question. Please add Template:18+ to articles including such themes and try to avoid overly detailed information. Profanity is allowed but is requested to be kept to a minimum. We do not support the use of certain offensive terms, but due to use by some members of the community in their videos and for professional reasons, these words are utilized on some pages. Viewer discretion is advised.

Rule 6: Please try to refrain from declaring specific topics canon or non-canon. The only exception is in regards to officially licensed media such as the Super Mario franchise. Lists on articles and infoboxes such as affiliations, members or residents of a fictional group or location respectively can include information from any appearance.

Community Rules

Rule 1: Be nice to others and show kindness when you talk to people. We do NOT tolerate racism, sexism or other forms of bullying such as harassment, slander or death threats. Please also keep a relatively unbiased viewpoint on community drama when writing articles and commenting to prevent hostility, instead of filling it with hatred or mockery.

Rule 2: Do not abuse permissions as an administrator or staff. This can result in demotion.

Rule 3: Do not argue about political agendas or religious beliefs on articles or in discussions. This wiki is a politically neutral site.

Rule 4: Do not insult anyone for their personal background, interests, beliefs or disabilities.

Rule 5: Have fun.