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The Multi-Dimensional Road, also known as MDR, is a fictional transdimensional realm featured in Super Mario 64 Machinima and a concept originally created byMarioMario761. It is an color-inverted world similar in design the Mushroom Kingdom, with a castle similar to Peach's Castle. The purpose of the Multi-Dimensional Road is to transport people to various other dimensions.

Role in Super Mario 64 Machinima[]

Super Mario 64 Blooper 40[]

In Super Mario 64 Blooper 40 by Starman3, the Multi-Dimensional Road first appeared as the battleground between LuigiFan54321 and Nafigiul12345. Following their battle, Starman3 and MarioMario54321 were sucked into it by a portal summoned by Ztarman3. After a lengthy battle between SM3 and his doppleganger which resulted in MM54321 being injured, Ztarman3 was defeated and sent to Dimension X

Secret of the Multi-Dimensional Road[]

In Secret of the Multi-Dimensional Road, a followup to Blooper 40, Starman3 and MarioMario54321 return to the Multi-Dimensional Road and are greeted by Crownux. Crownux explained to them that the doors in the castle can transport them to various other dimensions and that he preparted a team consisting of Crown Dimension counterparts to defend it. It's also revealed they were held hostage by Ztarman3 and so couldn't interfere with their fight.

YouTube trilogy[]

The Multi-Dimensional Road appeared in the YouTube trilogy created by Schm2000. It appeared in Rise of YouTube, where Schm and Starman3 arrive to speak to the Moduwizard during the invasion of the Death Trappers. Upon discovering that the Moduwizard is Schm's friend, Simon, he gives Schm elemental powers. Later, a severally weakened Crownux attempts to send MarioMario761 to EmigasFist's Dimension before losing his power. In Fall of YouTube, Yuigi appears in the Multi-Dimensional Road Castle and kills Crownux, taking control of it. He summons the Martian King and the Crystal King to give them assignments before declaring himself the new leader of the Death Trappers.