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Llennpie, better known by her YouTube alias sm64rise, is a Canadian Super Mario 64 machinimist, YouTuber and developer. In the machinima community, Llennpie provides the voice of sm64rise. She actively uploads machinima skits, commentaries, and livestreams on her channel.


Llennpie created her first Super Mario 64 machinima on April 3rd, 2013 (although now unlisted) under a channel with the name parashock. She fully abandoned the account some time in 2019, wanting to take a different direction with machinima.

In August 2019, Llenn created the channel (and character) sm64rise. While the channel was originally meant to be a joke between her and a close friend, she decided to remain active and consistent with her uploads, creating voice-acting machinima skits as the character. In her machinima videos, "Rise" is a male Mario recolor, usually depicted with a careless and judgmental personality.

In 2021, Llennpie released Saturn after over a year of behind-the-scenes development. Later that year, an improved version of Saturn was announced titled Saturn: Moon Edition. Currently, she continues to create machinima using her own custom software and tools.


  • Llennpie's user page can be found here.
  • Llenn uses her own custom software and tools to create machinima.
  • For a single day in 2021, sm64rise was one of the fastest growing Super Mario 64 machinima channels, thanks to a shoutout from Weegeepie.
  • Llennpie is possibly the only female in the community to voice a male character (sm64rise).
  • Llenn uploaded a face reveal video in 2021, although she has since confirmed it to be staged.
  • sm64rise's channel banner has the motto "What's Grabma?" hidden in the background. This is a callback to one of her first videos.
  • In 2020, Llennpie hosted Studio64, a temporary social network dedicated to Super Mario 64 machinima. The site was shut down a few months later due to cost reasons.
  • Coincidentally, Llennpie shares a similar name with LLENN (a character from Sword Art Online).
  • Before releasing Saturn, Llenn had been working on the project for over a year. Early developer previews from as far back as mid-2020 can still be found on her channel.


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