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Kamek's artwork in Mario Party 9.

Kamek (referred to as Magikoopa on occasion) is an old yet powerful Magikoopa, adviser to Bowser and a high-ranking member in the Koopa Troop. He is the arch-enemy of Yoshi and serves as one of the secondary antagonists in the Mario franchise, alongside Bowser Jr., and is one of the two main villains of the Yoshi franchise, alongside Baby Bowser. He is also Baby Bowser's primary caretaker, and he continues to look after Bowser, even in the present day. Kamek's name comes from the name for the Magikoopa species in Japanese: Kamekku (カメック), which is derived from kame, the Japanese word for "turtle."

Various unnamed Magikoopas appearing in the Mario franchise are presumed to be Kamek, often due to the parallels between their relationship with Bowser or their position in the Koopa Troop. This relates to confusion with the Japanese games where the character is only given a unique name in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Many appearances of individual Magikoopas, however, specifically call back to Kamek's behavior in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island in having him power up bosses, likely making these the same individual.

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In SM64 Bloopers[]

SMG4 series[]

Being a minor character in the SMG4 series, he's an evil Magikoopa wizard and an ally of Bowser in the Mario series. Kamek first appeared in SM64: Meet the Bowser, where he refers to Bowser as his senpai and states that he tries to get Bowser to notice him. He returns in SM64: Super Mario RUN RUN RUN!. In this episode, Mario stole Kamek's wand in hopes of make infinite spaghettis but Kamek is chasing him to reclaim his wand. Mario tries to use it but instead he turns Luigi into a cake, Princess Daisy into a real daisy, Toast Guy into a toast and Toad into a teapot. Mario sees Kamek so Mario tries to zap Kamek but Kamek dodges the attack, and it reflects from Toad as a teapot and hits Mario. Mario falls over and drops the wand and so Kamek picks it up and leaves.

In SM64: Mario gets a Nintendo Switch!, he makes a brief appearance when Mario dresses him up as Princess Peach as part of his cleaning chores. He teaches the Science class in SMG4: High School Mario. He appears in SMG4: The Movie Audition where Kamek is in a Princess Peach costume and is being carried by Donkey Kong, who is playing King Kong, to the top of a tall tower. He is used by Donkey Kong as a boomerang to hit Cuphead.

He appeared as a teacher yet again in SMG4: Mario University, this time teaching Computer Science. He reappears in SMG4: Detective Mario & Pikachu, where he attempts to comfort Bowser after the loss of the latter's statue, and once again dresses up as Princess Peach in order to get Bowser to notice him. He also appears in SMG4: Super BACKWARDS Bros and SMG4: The Mario Café.