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Dry Bones' artwork in Mario Party 8.

Dry Bones are skeletal versions of Koopa Troopas that are mainly found in towers, castles, and deserts. They often collapse when attacked, but they soon revive themselves and become normal once again. However, some methods of attack, such as touching them while in an invincible state, can permanently defeat them. First appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3, Dry Bones have since become a staple in Mario games as both enemies and playable characters, and have inspired a recurring theme of skeletal Koopas such as Bony Beetle and Dry Bowser. They are voiced by Toru Asakawa.

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In Super Mario 64 Bloopers[]

In several Super Mario 64 Bloopers videos, this species was used as some models by several machimists, including SuperMarioGlitchy4.