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King Dowser Roopa is a fictional character and recurring antagonist in Super Mario 64 Machinima, primarily those created by MarioMario54321. He is the Fourth Dimensional counterpart of Bowser, and first appeared in the 2012 series Into the Fourth Dimension as a minion of Dimentio.

Role in Super Mario 64 Machinima[]

Into the Fourth Dimension[]

Dowser first appeared in part 6 of Into the Fourth Dimension as a silhouetted figure, being given instructions by Dimentio to impede the progress of Mario and the protagonists, but it wasn’t until part 8 that he was identified by name. It was established that he’s spent years trying to conquer the Fourth Dimension by kidnapping Princess Kiwi, only to be defeated by Quario and Fourigi. He joined Dimentio upon learning of his plan to take over all dimensions and had a brief battle with Mario in Shark Plant Pond. Mario would later travel to Dowser’s Dimension Swamp and encounter him and his JAWS Plants, and while the plumber defeated the carnivorous plants the Roopa King abducted him shortly afterwards. This allowed Dimentio to brainwash him into Mr. M.

After Luigi defeated the Dimensional Bully and MarioMario54321’s group caused further losses for Dimentio’s faction, they proceeded to kidnap MM and turn him into Mr. Mx2. Hoeever, upon discovering Dimentio’s plan to destroy all dimensions, both Dowser and Bob-omberman defected from his group. Dowser would allow the protagonists to access his lava falls in search of D-Stars and would later help them confront Dimentio. Once learning the jester intended to create new dimensions, Dowser rejoined him and the two merged into Dowmentio. A restored Mario would defeat him and the two separated, with Dowser being sent to the void of space.

In 5 is real - The Secret of the Fourth Dimension, Dowser would return and attempt to stop Mario from getting a Replica D-Star, but was easily outwitted.

Back to the Fourth Dimension[]

Dowser returned in Back to the Fourth Dimension as the main antagonist. Upon the discovery of the Rainbow Colonies, the King of the Roopas made plans to get revenge on the protagonists along with his son, Dowser Jr. by finding the seven shards to the Rainbow Core and competing against Mario’s group and Lob-omberman. After Dowser Jr. stole several of the shards, he battled Mario at his lair disguised as his father. Dowser would later get all the shards and battle Mario himself, however Mario had the C-Stars, which were needed to complete the Rainbow Core. While the Roopas attempted to restore the Core for their own ends, they were thwarted by the Shard Guardians and sent flying away by Bletaknight.

In the epilogue, Mario 2.0 infiltrated Dowser’s Castle but otherwise ignored him. It was later revealed the events of Back to the Fourth Dimension was in reality a story by Ranbio, and thus Dowser’s experiences throughout the series never actually happened.

Starman3’s Super Mario 64 Bloopers[]

Dowser made an appearance in Starman3’s Super Mario 64 Blooper 44 as the main antagonist. As the YouTube Rangers and their Fourth Dimensional counterparts were hanging out, Dowser attacked and knocked most of the people out. He then challenged Starman3 to a fight but was defeated.

Other appearances[]

The Death Trapper Chronicles[]

Dowser appeared as a minor antagonist in the Super Mario 64 Machinima-themed novel series The Death Trapper Chronicles, created by Schm2000. This version of Dowser became a member of the Death Trappers, but was killed after falling off the fifth floor of the Orange Resort fighting Brynn Frost. He was viewed as being less pleasant than the original Bowser, who ironically opposed the Death Trappers.