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The dopplegangers are a fictional race of dimensional counterparts to the other denizens of the multiverse. Most dopples are a complete reverse of their original counterpart's personality, resulting in most becoming evil under the reign of the Dark Star X. Following the stabilization of the Dark Star X and the defeat of OiramOiram12345 at the hands of MarioMario54321, the dopplegangers were wiped out and sealed away in Dimension X. However, Starman3's counterpart, Ztarman3, managed to escape this fate due to unregistering himself from the entity before its stabilization even occured, until the Second Doppleganger War started, with some of the previously deceased dopplegangers coming back.

List of known Dopplegangers[]

Dopplegangers unrelated to MarioMario54321's videos[]


  • A similar group of villains appear in BlittleMcNilsen's videos known as the Reverse Clan. Alike the Dopplegangers, this group consists of evil counterparts whose names are ananyms of their respective counterparts. Various other YouTubers have mimicked the design for their own characters.
  • Evil SuperMario231, SuperMario231's doppleganger, was named based on the name of Evil Little Kelly, Little Kelly's doppleganger from Little Club (a Minecraft group formed by a YouTuber named LittleLizardGaming).