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Bowser's Castle is a fictional area in Nintendo's Super Mario video game franchise, Bowser's home and the Koopa Troop's base of operation. The general location and design of Bowser's Castle varies, likely due to him having multiple castles and several of them being damaged or destroyed in battles with the Mario Bros. or others.


Throughout his life, Bowser has resided in several castles which often became the site of many battles against Mario and Luigi. According to the German localization of Super Mario 64, Bowser's Castle is the primary setting of the stage Bowser in the Sky. This incarnation of Bowser's Castle appears as an incomplete mass of structures leading towards his lair at the end of the stage.

Role in Super Mario 64 Machinima[]

Bowser's Castle serves as a recurring location in Super Mario 64 Machinima, due to its association with the Koopa King. Along with Bowser in the Sky, SM64 Machinimists have used custom maps or retextured stages to depict the castle.

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