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64ify is a YouTuber and Super Mario 64 Machinimist who originally joined YouTube on August 21, 2016.

Role in Super Mario 64 Machinima[]

64ify is a person who likes SM64 women (sometimes) and wear's glasses sometimes. He wear's dark blue gloves, has a light blue hat, shirt, and dark blue shoes. He also has dark blue pants, has black hair, and has stickman eyes. He try's to succeed with things such as the Stasho Hat, his show called "Shut The Fuck Up", his 2nd show called "Smokers of Wheel", but fails.


64ify began uploading on a private channel on August 24, 2016, days after the creation of the channel. In 2017, he had stop uploading on his channel. Due to his phone not working as much. In 2017, he made a new channel called "SuperMarioLogansTwin". He didn't post much on the channel. It was later deleted somewhere in mid 2018. In 2018, he created a new second channel called "Bootleg Plush". Where he made plush videos with "bootleg" plushies. In 2019, he rebranded his channel to just "Bootleg". 64ify created his first machinima somewhere in August of 2019, then kept making machinimas till it's channel deletion somewhere in 2020. The channel was changed to "Bootleg Kid 64" before it's deletion. In mid 2020, he created a third new channel which had the name Gampyz, Camptendo, and 64ify, then deleting it. Then in 2020, again. With the name Betatastic. But finally on December 17, 2020, he came back to the Super Mario 64 community after leaving it somewhere in September of 2020 with the name 64ify. He still continues to make machinimas and skits on his YouTube channel.


In July of 2020, 64ify had gotten into a small drama with sm64rise with him saying on Twitter that he had copied him. He later deleted his original 64ify account and then made a new Twitter account with the name "Betatastic".

In December of 2019, he had gotten into some drama with some machinimists for a list for the "Top 10 Best SM64 Machinimists of all time". Which was for Super Mario 64 Rewind, an idea he had. People had disagreed with him, which made 64ify have a mental breakdown on Twitter. Which got his original Twitter account @BootlegKid64, locked out.

In May or June of 2020, 64ify made a series called "Content Cop 64". He had made several videos on people including Mario Sparky and TEN64's brother Max. Then a few hours later, a Team Toad member Zenon, told him to delete the CC64 video on Max. He then not only privated the Max CC64 video, but all the CC64 videos and then later apologized.

In April 18, 2021, 64ify uploaded a video called "Content Cop 64: Bonmario" (Now called "Bonmario: Bonmario: Manipulative Twinsanity"}. The video received positivity after a few days of it's uploading which caused Bonmario to upload a response video a few days later. Which is now private. 64ify then uploaded a response video, which is also private, disproving the points in Bon's video. A few months later, they are now both on good terms.


64ify Walk.jpg


• 64ify's favorite year was 2020. (internet-wise)

• 64ify has explained in his podcast called Machinima Motel that the origin of his name "64ify" was from a meme-post Twitter account called "weegeeify". Which is terminated due to violating Twitter's terms of service.

• 64ify has a dislike for the SM64 Beta community.

• He got the name Bootleg Plush according to him "If I took a bear plush, and said it was Mario, I would consider it bootleg."

• There has been many times where he has left the community, due to it's toxicity of people and being too much controversies.

• He has changed his color code many times like his name.

• 64ify got his computer on August 18, 2019. Which was on his birthday.

• In his podcast Machinima Motel, he mentions a scrapped machinima about the Military and said he has always wanted to do it since he first started machinimas.